Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We sold our house yesterday. So many mixed emotions, but so good (read story HERE). It's been a whirlwind the last couple of months. We put our house on the market May 28th and closed July 28th without using a realtor.

So now starts our journey of piling money on debt. We've got a budget, a plan, and a timeline. We've also got a big God on our side that I am in constant conversation with about this whole thing. 

Please be in prayer with us and for us. 

Now take a look at some awesome photos my sis-in-law took for us right before we moved out!

During these last 2 months, lots of other things happened...
My husband's company moved offices from Elkhart to Mishawaka and our coffee shop is now doing events only. They also bought another company that has expanded their range of services. Very exciting. We had to do some renovations to the new office building as well. 

Like this bathroom...

The Creative Lab getting a big make-over as well.

I will have to post more before and after pictures because it's completely done now and they're moved in...I just need to get in and take pictures!

Celebrating 7 years of marriage was a nice break in the mix of chaos!

Oh, plus we bought a car. We don't like to do things slowly around here, apparently! 3 years ago we sold our truck so we've been using one vehicle (but we were loaned a car for a couple years during that time). We need another one, especially starting this fall. So my hubby got a car he has been wanting.

We got a great deal and paid cash ;)

So there ya go. Ready to slow down (hopefully) and relax a little.

We are settled into our new place of residence for the time being. Excited to see what the future holds, pay off school loans, and plan for our next house!!!! :)


  1. Love the pictures! Excited for you guys! Oh and just a little bit proud, ya know.