Friday, October 24, 2014

Homemade Chips

When you eat real food, making things like fries and chips is just fun. You know exactly what's in it, you can change up the flavor with different seasonings, and feel good after you eat it. Win win. 

Making chips is not different than fries, really, other than how you cut them. But if my hubby wants chips, I'll make them :) 
They do turn out thin and crispy which changes the flavor, plus it's variety, which I like. 

Actually, my favorite snack food used to be potato chips. I'd come home from school as a kid and sit in front of the tube with a bag of chips. Soo addicting. But I cut that out years ago and I don't miss them. 

But making your own chips is a different ballgame than buying a bag. Better ingredients, no preservatives, healthy oil, and a limited amount that is for one meal makes this a good choice. So surprise your family and make a batch. 

Homemade potato chips (serves 4)

4-5 large potatoes 
Pam spray 
Olive oil
Seasoned salt or regular 

1. Rinse, peel, and slice into thin chips. 
2. Put in bowl of hot water for 5-10 minutes (or several hours...doesn't really matter). It just helps them crisp up nicer.
3. Preheat oven to 415-425 degrees when ready to cook.
4. Spray rimmed pan with olive oil spray (Pam). Drizzle olive oil across pan lightly. 
5. Lay each piece on pan. Drizzle more oil. 
6. Bake 10-15 minutes and watch for them to brown on one side. Flip when browning. Watch and repeat a couple times. When they start to brown keep an eye out cause they'll cook fast at that point. I like an even crispness so I toss a couple times. 
7. When at desired crispness, take out, season with pepper, salt or seasoned salt while still hot. Toss together. Serve with meat and veggies. Enjoy! 

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