Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Princess Party

Ahh parties. Besides training, I really enjoy planning and hosting parties. It's SO MUCH FUN to do it for my girls!! Abby turns 4 (in a few hours, actually) and Hannah turns 2 on the 18th, so a party for their friends was perfect. Abby is shy so I wanted to keep it small so she could really enjoy it. 2 cousins and her best friends, the Harris girls, I figured it would be perfect (plus her other close friends, Lehman girls who couldln't come). Well it turned out great and Abby had a blast!

Look at these cute princesses!!! Kyle's mom (Maw maw) came a little early and gave the girls the Elsa and Anna dresses to wear. They were very excited!!

I'm so glad my sis-in-laws got this pic of the girls and cousins!

Currrent fave: Frozen. Look at this amazing cake my mom made! We are very blessed to have amazing cakes each year!

I think one of my favorite parts of planning a party is when it's time to decorate. I loved making pom poms, blowing up ballons, coordinating food and colors of everything. Ah it's just so fun. 

The main course was catered....Chick-fil-a yes. Chicken nuggets, grilled chicken wraps, and chicken salad sandwiches was a good choice and saved me lots of time. I cut fruit, veggies, made cheese dip, and had hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks (forgot a picture of that!). And aren't those trays cute? I was able to borrow them from an awesome woman who has a LOT of these trays (thanks Jeannie :)). It was perfect for this type of party. 

Each of the girls got a tiara, wand/scepter, rings, and a place mat with their name on it and a crown that said, "Princess of the King." In reality, the sooner they realize that they are beautiful, unique, chosen girls of God, the better! He has been pursuing them before time and I pray that they tie these wonderful memories with how much God loves them and calls them to Himself. 

They sat still while everyone sang to them. Hehe ;)

Characters are so fun to eat! Hannah just loves cake and icing. 

I am so blessed to be a mommy to these sweet girls. Thank you family and friends for celebrating with us and making Abby and Hannah's lives more special because of you! 

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