Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Journey Continues

I shared in a blog post last month that I have been having some difficulties which aren't normal for me (read HERE). I figured I would update because progress has been made, which I am so thankful for.  Here is what has happened since my last blog post...

- Got hormones tested (blood test) and found out all my levels are too low (thyroid panel, estrogen, progesterone). Still do NOT want to take medicine so I am looking into natural ways to balance.
- Applying an essential oil combination that helps balance my hormones
- started taking fish oil dilligently each day (within 2 days my joints were feeling less stiff!)
- My chiropractor is having me come in everyday this week to intensify some things for me that will hopefully allow my nerves to work properly with my hormones and heal itself.
- I am reading Wheat Belly and am possibly going to have a specific nutrition consultation with a doctor on how I can manage it with eating.
- To go along with the above, removing grains from diet completely is something I am trying as well. I eat 80% no grains usually but my doctor thinks this is contributing to things. 
- Continuing with yoga and kickboxing. Added some more back and neck strengthening exercises to help with the adjustments I have been getting. 
- Continuing to rest more and have fun!

Having a fun night with my man! 

The results so far? I have been sleeping better through the night and am feeling like my old self with my energy and emotions. The other day I had grains at breakfast because I was running low on food and time....I felt awful. Sick to my stomach, yucky feeling, and like I wanted to cry all morning. That's when I really felt like I needed to try this. Wow. Making a difference. Also, my joint pain is subsiding, hemmorhoids/bowels are hardly giving me issues, and my tendonitis in my arms is almost gone. My cravings for sweets are dissipating as well.  

Continuing to change things is producing a tighter, flatter, tummy!

Honestly, eating the last couple days 100% grain-free feels really good. I've been working on this for about 2 years anyways, just because I am replacing low-nutrient grains for healthier fruits and vegetables. I just want to clarify that it still has been a process without even knowing I may have to remove them out of necessity. Isn't God amazing like that?! 

The idea is that if my body doesn't "like" grains, then repeatedly eating them is making my immune system attack itself and it's throwing my body/hormones off. So my goal is to be wheat free and find recipes to replace my favorite things (like pizza and cupcakes!). If I find YUMMY replacements (which I am working on trying) then no big deal. It hasn't been difficult thus far. 

Examples of what I'm eating....
Breakfast- eggs, cheese, fruit or sauteed vegetables
Snack- nuts and dark chocolate
Lunch- some type of meat in a lettuce wrap or kale, fruit/raw vegetables, guacamole, veggie chips (make my own or get a crispy variety at Aldi)
Dinner- Just a meat, fruit and vegetable. Tonight we are having roast, garlic mashed potatoes and honey glazed carrots. 

Holding a yoga pose.

Awesome pin for a yoga routine I've been doing in the mornings and would like to add before bed. 

I am feeling excited (partly because I am naturally feeling better) because of this new challenge. I see it as fun to learn new recipes and keep my family healthy. My husband is so supportive and hasn't minded the changes I've been making. He has actually been doing great and lost 4 pounds over the last month because he sees the benefit of things I've been implementing the last while. 

Thank you to everyone for prayers and support in this journey. I am grateful and see God's Hand in our mindset and hearts to make this diet change not feel overwhelming. I am also grateful that I don't have to settle for no answers or just take medicine! All the years I have spent researching diet and ailments, I am able to use some knowledge and mostly all the helpful resources at my fingertips to aid my own issues. 

I will keep you updated :)

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