Sunday, May 18, 2014

Outdoor Baby Shower

Saturday night turned out to be a perfect evening for an outdoor shower. God was definitely pouring favor out with how the weather has been up and down (it even rained earlier in the day) and it was a beautiful, peaceful night. I'm so glad we could celebrate a new life that will be born next month! My sister-in-law, Lindsay, is pregnant with her 4th baby. 

I love parties. I especially enjoy throwing them. It's so fun to plan and put together. I know it was her 4th baby and why not celebrate?! A life is a life and why only celebrate for the first baby?! Although we haven't done it for all the pregnancies, this will probably happen each one after, now. It was a private, family shower just to celebrate the life of little Roger Douglas Jacobs.  

The decor turned out better than I envisioned! I used ribbon, lanterns, wooden centerpieces, with mason jars and flowers from trees at my in-laws house. It was a gorgeous setting. I knew the party would be perfect at their home. I'm so glad they let us "kids" use their stuff like it's our own and are always open to things...I have great in-laws.

I am now collecting party decor items and got the lanterns and the amazing centerpieces for free, from friends who no longer had use for them. Apparently I love planning parties so much I need to keep things on hand for any type of party I want to create (book club party night??). Who knows, maybe I'll start planning parties on the side in the future....ha.

Anyways, here was the set-up....bird themed outdoor shower. 

The Menu consisted of...

Appetizer- Garden Veggie Dip (Recipe), Fruit Skewers

Main Course- Burger in a Nest or Chickadee Wrap

Sides- Bird Seed (rice), grilled veggies

Dessert- Dirt Pudding

Drinks- Fresh Lemonade and an Orange Lemonade (Recipe, I just omitted lime)

I wanted the menu to be light, healthy (of course), tasty and reflect birds. That's why I named things that had to do with birds and outdoors. I think it turned out delicious and it's nice to get full (or stuffed) but not feel terrible later. Win, win :)

As a little surprise, I had Lindsay come early and have some maternity photos taken of her (thank you Rebecca and Erik!!!). They turned out beautiful. 

Another fun thing was this bird house diaper cake. I bought the bird house and asked my cousin, Angie, to paint it. Of course she went above and beyond and did a fabulous job! Thanks Ang!

I am also learning that part of planning a party is recognizing the help you need, and I had FABULOUS help. I really couldn't have pulled it off (especially stress-free like I was) without asking people to help you with tasks. So thank you Mama, Papa, Rebecca and Erik, Jenner, and Angie. They helped provide the food, set-up, pictures, bird house, energy, and love needed for this! I love you all and appreciate how great you made this shower. 

And to my sis, Lindsay, I'm so excited for Roger's arrival and I love you. Thank you for letting me throw a little shower to celebrate, you deserved it!

"He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge."
Psalm 91:4


  1. This whole set-up looks so cute, and the food looks great too! Love the menu ideas.
    It's neat that you are celebrating the 4th baby because I don't think that happens very often, but it should!