Friday, May 2, 2014

A Changing Kitchen

Another project done! We were ready for a new set of table and chairs that was more comfortable and would fit us better. You're seeing the first phase. We plan to add something that I am excited about and change something'll just have to wait and see what changes get made! :)

I like pinterest. It is very helpful in giving me pictures and diy tips for the vision I have in my head. It gives me ideas and new things I have never thought of. So it definitely played a role in capturing what I wanted to do in this space. 

We considered buying a new set from a store but after looking at prices, decided to first look at Craigslist. Honestly, I have decorated most of my house by turning old things into new, so why change the theme yet? We bought this solid wood table and chairs for $80.00. That's it. So awesome. But this is how it looked when we purchased it. 

They actually had done the hardest part, sanding! Most everything was sanded down. But I did some extra sanding on everything (I hate sanding). Then painting, more sanding, polyurethane, more sanding, etc. Worth the hard work. 

I read a book called Organized Simplicity (great book) and it talked about having less things in your house, of course, and ways to organize. But she touched on something I hadn't thought about which is a family mission statement. And part of ours is making our home a place for people to come that we can invest in, love on, and share Jesus with. So each thing I transform has in mind people. This table is a catalyst of that because the chairs are more comfy, there's a little bit more space, and our future plans for the space will be able to seat more people. So I'm very excited about the upcoming project!



There you have it! Stay tuned for more fun changes to this space :) 

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