Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Postpartum 1 Year

Hannah is turning one! So I need to update my progress...but first pictures of this cutie :)


3 Months

6 Months

9 Months

One Year 

Now on to my progress of getting "down to size." I definitely am continuing to make progress. Reminding myself that this is a journey, not a destination is daily on my mind. You know what? I am ok with that...most of the time, until my pants feel too tight some days! But really, I am content with each day and know that I am giving it to God. He doesn't let me down, no matter what. 

Current Weight... 126. 

Remember these pants?!!!

This is the shirt I originally couldn't button but now have plenty of room to move around in. 

So here's a snapshop of losing the baby belly. Week 1 top left, Week 4 top right, 6 months lower left, 1 Year lower right (I would have written on the pictures but the app was not allowing me to).

I just want to say that my intent on posting all of this is not to just give myself praise. I hope this inspires you to believe that things are possible...anything is possible, with God. I continue to learn from Him. Exercise and eating is a JOURNEY. Do I have it right all the time? No. Definitely not. But I am learning that His grace covers, even when it comes to fitness and nutrition. 

How is God speaking to you in these areas? What temptations do you need to give to Him? The temptation of putting food on a pedestal or the temptation of exercising too much and focusing on the nice body you might have? God wants to break in to each moment of the day. He wants to break in when you want to eat half of that pizza and wash it down with a beer, followed by icecream and cookies. He wants to break in when you are so consumed with losing weight that you press play on your DVD player for another hour of a workout video, when you need to stop. 

It starts and doesn't end with giving all these days and moments to the God of the universe. You know what? He will be the strength you need. He will remind you of who He IS and that He doesn't change. He will work in you what you can't do on your own. Will you lean into Him? He loves you and can't wait to take on your burdens! 

I'd love to hear how you're doing in your journey and I will continue updating. I still have a few pounds to lose and I am ok with that. So how are you doing? :) 


  1. Hi Steph....way to go on the weight loss! I basically was the average skinny girl even after having 2 babies...but then 8 yrs later, I had my youngest and that weight I gained is stubborn! At my heaviest I was 186 and finally got down to 165 with Zumba to help. Now I'm stuck. ....with full time job and no time during week to exercise (not to mention no money)...I'm not happy with my body at all!
    From what I have read, my weight is supposed to be 140!!! Sooo I have 25 lbs to Any advice?

  2. awesome update steph! you are an inspiration.