Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Work Those Abs While Already Working Out

Did you know that a secret to a flat belly is not just in doing specific ab exercises at the end of a workout? It is working your abs while doing other exercises. Of course you can do specific ones to target different parts of the abdominal a but it's not limited to those. Might as well get more in at once if possible! Let me show you what I mean. 

Overhead press with kneeling crunch. 

I could just stand and do overhead presses but by combining these I'm burning more calories and changing my core even more because I have 15 pound weights in my hands!

Push-up with side planks

We all know planks do a lot for the abs, not to mention push-ups. Combine them and wow!

Row with leg Extension

This is major core work. Your core is the foundation of every move, and there's a lot of moves going on here!

By combining upper and lower body you're working on your abs. Make sure you tighten your stomach for each exercise to ensure no damage to your back/core. When you tuck in your stomach you also tighten important muscles that will help you achieve a flat tummy. Happy exercising!

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