Sunday, September 15, 2013

Advanced Full body Workout

Want a fullbody workout that will challenge you? This is ADVANCED so beware. If you are not at a moderate level of fitness then modify each one. Well here you go. Let's get going!

Start with warming up and light STRETCHING. I personally use my foam roller, then a series of squats and moving stretches. Picking up a light set of weights is good to do as well after that. Bicep curls, tricep extensions, overhead presses and squats will get the blood pumping. Use 3-8 pounds depending on what you're used to.

Exercise #1 Tricep Push-up

Put your elbows tight to your body with your arms against your body as well. Start on your knees if you have never done one. They are pretty tough so don't fret. You will improve! Go down and up. Do as many as possible until failure. 

#2 Plank with tricep extension

Get into plank position, feet wide for good balance. Place your hand in the middle of your chest also for balance. Bring your arm up and just picture your elbow as a hinge. Lift up like pictured and hinge back to starting position. Do 10 to 12 reps with the 12th being the most you can do because you're too exhausted to do anymore! I am using 10 pounds here. 

#3 Lateral Raise

With your elbows bent and holding your weights like a hammer, lift up keeping everything at shoulder height and even. Do 10-12 reps with a heavy enough weight to fail by 12 but no less than 10. I use 12 pound weights.

Tricep Dips and Inclined Tricep Push-up

This is self-explanatory with the pictures. The farther away your feet are the tougher it is. Do as many as possible.

Leg Extension with Rowing

Spice it up with this. The band provides EXTRA resistance. Go heavy with your arms because your shoulders are strong. I am using 20 lbs each (40 lb total) in the picture. Keep your back FLAT, good form is important. Lift your leg and row with your arms simultaniously. Keep your stomach tight because you are working your whole body with this and you need a solid core to keep from injury plus work your abs. Do 12 total with 6 each leg.

Down dog Air Jacks

Start as pictured. This is pretty quick so go up and down. Keep your core rigid and don't arch your back (like I am doing in the pic). Do 15-20

Army Crawl and Superman

If you don't have a bosu don't worry! You can do both on the floor. The bosu makes this more difficult because it challenges your balance. For the army crawl pretend you are crawling under a bed so keep your booty down and bring your knee to your elbow. Rotate legs. Do 10 count each leg. For the superman lift all limbs off the floor and balance. Hold for 30 second count.


This will work your core, flexibility, and balance. So play with it and just start with getting into a regular headstand if need be. 


Finish your workout with stretching to keep from injury, tight muscles, and soreness. A flexible muscle has greater strength potential. You will not be able to continue advancing physically without injury if you do not stretch. 5-10 minutes full body stretching. 

Foam Roll

Every exercise enthusiast needs a foam roller! This has so many benefits to tight muscles, soreness, blood flow, and injuries. This is literally a deep tissue massage. If you workout all the time then you know the constant soreness that occurs....when I got a roller I was suffering from tendonitis, calf pain, and back pain. After a week most of it subsided! There is no way I could have paid for enough massages to fix all this in one week and I was at risk for injury with a couple areas so this is totally worth it. $30 is a great price. That's a 30 minute massage but at your disposal whenever you want and a one time cost! Looks like my next post is on how to use the foam roller. Now get to work!

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