Monday, February 11, 2013

Plank Challenge Week

I am declaring this a week of planking. We all want tight, flat abs right? We want a strong back, arms, and legs as well. Well planking can do all these things. So let's just focus on this exercise for a week and improve our planks.

Today (I know it's the afternoon already so if you want to start tomorrow then I understand) let's focus on just the traditional plank. On your forearms and toes just holding the pose. 30 seconds to a minute is all I ask today BUT get down and do several throughout the evening. You can do 30 seconds, don't tell me it's not possible. I know you can. Just decide and get  your kids involved if you want. Heck, tell your coworkers and if you tell them the benefits then of course some will probably want to do it with you because being fit and achieving your goals is contagious!

For those with a competitive spirit, see how many you can do tonight and let me know. Maybe I should start doing prizes? hmmm it's a thought and if you like the idea tell me what prize would motivate you.

I would LOVE to hear if you are joining me in this challenge and how many planks you plan to do or get done after tonight. Let's do this together!

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