Monday, February 18, 2013

Johnson Family and 4 Months

My Hannah is 4 months old! I love my girls so much. She is the other joy of my life. I cannot imagine life without this Hannah Banana. I hope my girls are best of friends forever :)

Hannah is rolling and loves snuggling still. She is doing well with being on her belly.

She has been "talking" a lot and giggles all day (unless she is hungry). 

Her sister loves putting dolls near her and taking care of them while I take care of Hannah.

I couldn't resist comparing Hannah and Abby at the same age. Look at that!

We had a Valentine's party with the Harris girls and her little friend Anela was by her side while Abby played with Ky and Lani.

She still sleeps great through the night since...well let's be honest....since birth. I am a blessed mom! This is my day in a nutshell...

Abby and Hannah's Daddy is having a birthday on the 28th...he will be 26! Also, their Uncle Derek had a birthday on the 16th...he is now 29. Boy he married a young one since his wife is only 25 ;)

I think the family resolution is taking more pictures during birthday parties (we have enough of them). So I think we caught some good moments.

I made the cake....the men like guns...

Here is Marie with her fake "boo boo" on her forehead. She is a riot!

I like this picture a lot. The soon-to-be parents...AGAIN! Due in August. Hopefully Erik will get his wish of a niece/nephew on his birthday. We will see how many other ladies get pregnant this year in the family (don't look at me).

Will-man is growing up! 

My and my first born princess! I love her. 

Boston seems to like his cousin Abby. He gave her a stuffed cow. And that was Abby's first sucker I believe. She ate it the whole night...and didn't leave anything left!

Like the candle? That was Paw Paw's doing. Ha! It was funny.

Birthday men! I am a little fond of the one on the right :) 

Grandparents with all their current grandkids! They keep them on their toes! Beloved Maw Maw and Paw Paw...I think every kid thinks they're specially just for them with how crazy those grandparents are about their babies!

I think we got some decent pics! 

This is life with the Johnson Family! Growing, fun, crazy, but close-knit family and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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