Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So last year I did one garden box in my backyard. I posted pics of it several times and it was mostly successful. This year I am not doing a garden and I was settled with it until yesterday when my sister-in-law found out and started asking me questions ;)

Now I'm thinking to myself, "Why aren't you doing one, crazy?!" Ha ha. But I am still not this year because of several reasons. One is time. I have my cookbook and another certification to work on, plus the class aspect of FFL that has just taken off. Then of course there's my wonderful daughter who loves to learn and needs lots of's just a lot of stuff to take on. I know gardening saves money, and I am biking more, which at this point saves a ton of money. But the biggest reason I am not gardening this year is lack of knowledge. I want to do my garden right and I want it to be Organic. So this means I need different stuff to keep it that way. I need to know the best places to get plants and seeds. There are just a lot of things you need to know. I learned last year about replenishing nutrients in the soil so you get the best quality of stuff (which I still don't know how to do that the best way) and I want to make sauces/salsas but don't want to ruin batches while learning the process.

FINALLY, I have a solution to all of it! Kyle's aunt (now my aunt) is pretty much an expert gardener. She uses all Organic things for her gardens and has been doing it a long time. So what I have done is called her and am going to learn/shadow her all this year to see how she does things. She is totally willing to help me and said, "Well this will be great for you cause you don't have to make all my mistakes. You can just start from the ones I do now." lol. But I am excited cause we are meeting next week and I will meet some of her other gardening friends. This is going to be like a whole "pool" of knowledge for me!

Gardening is not over for me, it's just beginning. I still have my gardening binder and it will be filled with many tips and instructions this year for me. I can't wait to do this with Abigail next year!!!!!

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