Friday, May 13, 2011

Gardening Update and Card Creations


So this post is full of pictures...beware! But for my gardening update. I went with my Aunt (Kyle's aunt, really, but now she's mine too!) to a couple of farms and she talked me into doing a box or two for a garden this year. Sooooooo....I am. I got Roma Tomatoes, Peppers, mini yellow peppers, Cilantro, and Oregano. My aunt Pam gave me Basil, Spinach, Carrots, and a Raspberry bush also! Pretty good crop :) Obviously my plan has been thrown out the window. We plan to make salsa and tomato/spaghetti sauce. Fun!

Now, on to the cards I have created. I decided to do some scrap-booking and got into making a few new cards. Here they are :)

I like this thank-you card.

Here's a card for a new baby girl.

Here's a couple wedding cards.

Here's my signature stamp :)

Here's a preview of Abigail's scrapbook I'm working on!!!

Also, I got a pool for Abigail. Oh she went in it today with her friend, Jack. They had fun. Jack had fun at first then was done with it. Abigail just played with toys and chilled. It was cute.

Here she is in her swimsuit!

Last one of her on her knees (she's pretty much a pro). Ok, all done. I still have that pancake recipe to post...I will do it later!

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