Thursday, December 23, 2010

Radical "Ezer"

"Ezer" is the Hebrew word, helper, in the Old Testament and is used in reference to the specific role given to women by God. I feel that it is my duty to fully embrace my God-given role as a wife and mother. I feel so privileged that God has blessed me and given me what I wished my entire life.

As you can see, I have been majorly slacking on blog posts and I haven't been on facebook as much. Well, after having Abigail, I was still giving myself tons of projects and trying to take care of her and the house and then trying to take pictures of my projects to blog about! Whew, too much work! I have decided that blogging is fun but it's too low on my list of things to do. Abigail is now over 2 months old (can't believe it!) and my main goal is focus on her as much as I can by loving her, giving her attention, and intentionally teaching her. She is like is this little sponge that is soaking up EVERYTHING and I don't want to be pre-occupied with other things. I am still doing projects and crafting here and there but I just don't have time to let everyone in on everything I'm doing.

Therefore, as my role of "Ezer" I will not be posting as much. But I will be posting on my life and the life of mothering Abigail. Right now she loves to look at everything and coos and tries to talk. She is the joy of my life besides the Father.

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