Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 coming to an end


My Christmas angel :)

I love Abigail's face in this one!!!

Life is going by so fast. Today Abigail laughed like an adult when Kyle tickled her....it was so cute. Christmas was great. We got spoiled wayyy too much from my parents, but it was fun :). Abigail got lots of new dresses, most of her gifts were dresses. But they are going to look so cute.

I am trying to not miss any moments with my little girl. She is going through a growth spurt as of yesterday and is eating A LOT. She's wearing me out! lol. But I love her more everyday. I don't get annoyed when she is fussy, I just want to make it better and cuddle with her. She seems to want lots of stimulation and is ready to learn. Therefore, I have made up some things for her to look at and learn. I got little blocks of different shapes and colors and show them to her and tell her what they are. I colored paper and am going through colors with them spelled out. Whatever the hand touches, the brain learns. So I am trying show her how to use her hands...she's such a doll.

Now that I can exercise full force I am! My parents got me Turbo Fire. One word...AMAZING. 2o weeks of intense cardio conditioning, oh yeah. My body is sore when I walk or just move, that's what I like! A nutrition goal I have is to get at least 8 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Nutrition is actually more important than exercise. What you do nutrition wise sets the stage for your body to burn calories efficiently, lose weight, take in minerals and vitamins, and keep your body "fueling" properly. I love this stuff! My wish for everyone is that they'd have a passion to be healthy!!! It can truly be fun if you give it a chance. My life is worth it and it's worth it for Jesus!!

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