Saturday, August 28, 2010

2nd Baby Shower....Getting Closer


Wonderful girls...Char and Libby who threw it for me!

Beautiful table with yummy food for us to eat!

Today I had my second shower and it was great. Char and Libby threw it for me (church) and they did such an awesome job. I love those girls! I also had tons of wonderful people from church show up and that was nice. I was blessed with many gifts for Abigail and most were clothes which was nice so she has plenty now.

Melissa and Lauren! Wonderful friends and women!

But as of this morning I noticed that my belly dropped overnight. It is definitely lower and I can tell. I am feeling it on my bladder and legs. I also think I may have lost my mucus plug so we'll see what they say at my next doc appointment which is this week!

I am feeling more emotional the last week or so also. I am starting to feel ready for her to come. I am waddling and at times feeling like a beached whale. lol. God has definitely blessed this pregnancy and I really don't have much to complain about so I shouldn't. I am very excited to meet Abigail and be her mommy. It's going to be wonderful. I feel like she is almost here cause of how much we say her name and other people do too. About 6 weeks's coming soon!!

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