Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Busy Times

July 7th, 2010

So a lot has happened since I last posted and much more to happen soon! Kyle and I went to visit our good friends Richard and Ashley along with Elliott in Chicago...what a cutie. It was a great time to visit and catch up on life. It's always to encouraging to just spend time with these friends especially because they are such great followers of Christ and build us up in so many ways. It was also great to ask Ashley questions about what it's like to be a new mommy and things she's gone through recently to help me know what to expect. The only thing that stunk was not enough time and hip/foot/leg pain for me! Being pregnant really does change your body and I'm annoyed. It's like I can't go a day now without being uncomfortable or having hip pain. I will not miss that when little Abigail leaves my body.

The other thing that is new is I am no longer working with Fitness USA...I am fully self-employed with Fit For Life! It actually wasn't by choice but they wanted me to sign a form that would greatly hurt my ability to perform as a trainer outside the gym. I told them I would not sign it so therefore I am not there anymore. It wasn't a surprise to me and I was ready for it. God times things perfectly.

I went and registered for baby stuff at Target and Babies R Us with my mom also. That was fun and a little overwhelming with some stuff. I am now just over 26 weeks pregnant and getting bigger! I am starting to notice more things that are making me uncomfortable. But thankfully I still enjoy the elliptical and can get a good cardio workout on it!

So more adventures ahead with the Jacob's family moving here...Jack was born on July 1st! 10 lbs 10 oz...what babies Lindsay makes! We are so excited to have them come and live's like a dream. Plus Kyle and I will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary next weekend! Then my one of my dear friends Amy Clark is getting married on July 31st and I'm her personal attendant. So there are lots of things going on and this is just for July. August is a whole new story but we'll stick with July for now!

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