Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How we've changed

3 Years

3 Years and Pregnant

2 Year Anniversary

1 Year Pictures


Engagement Pictures

I was standing in the kitchen today making homemade blueberry muffins and had just made a homemade pizza for dinner when it struck me how blessed I am. Our child isn't even here yet and I am basically staying home now and loving it. I know not many women get to do that even with several kids. I just prayed and thanked God for everything He does for us. I cannot wait to be a mommy to Abigail and continue to be a wife to Kyle. He's so amazing :)

We got our pictures from Jenna of our 3 year anniversary and baby pics. I LOVE them. I am so glad we have taken pictures of us as a couple since we've dated. I have put up our pictures from the last 3 or so years of our lives. Some people think it's crazy to have so many pictures taken but we can look back at each stage and remember good and bad times. We can remember the most how far God has brought us and changed us into His image more. I also think about the deeper love I grow for Kyle in each set of pictures. He is such a wonderful man and husband...he's really good-looking too! I just thank God for everything He has done and everything He is going to do. I can't wait to introduce Abigail to our world and soon we will have pictures of 3 of us!

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