Wednesday, February 25, 2015

6 Exercises for Wearing Your Summer Tank Tops

Who's ready for warm weather?!!! ME. Well, since I am looking forward to summer and tanktops, I figured I would post about some arm exercises...yay! These are just a few and definitely aren't an exhaustive list but you can do most of them anywhere. So start getting ready for summer!

#1 Plank
Planking is not just a core activity, it is a shoulder and arm workout. Start with 30 seconds at a time and work your way up. 

#3 Plank with Arm Reaches
After your arms are getting tired, jazz it up even more with spreading your legs a little wider and reaching each arm out, alternating arms. Count how many you can do and beat it each time after. Again, this will also work your core plus balance...multi-tasking during a workout is a beautiful thing. 

#4 Posterior Deltoid Raise
There's a smaller muscle that can easily get neglected, it's your posterior deltoid. Whaty what you say?! Your shoulder is made up of 3 heads; anterior, medial, and posterior. The posterior is at the back and is a small muscle. I am doing a lunge, learning forward with a flat back, and lifting my pinky towards the sky, keeping my arm uniform and making my shoulder a hinge. Work on 10-12 reps each set.

#5 Push-ups
I can't help you work the arms without having push-ups in here. These rock your world! Start on your knees if you have to but these will work all aspects of your arms, plus they are portable so whip them out wherever you go ;) Get in at least 10 and work your way up.

#6 Tricep Push-ups
Top concern for women wearing tank tops? Arm jiggle. Yup. So get down with another portable push-up and work on those tricep push-ups. The key is rotating your elbows and pushing them into your ribs when you go down. Beginners will probably want to start on the toes and just practice, it takes some time to master the form of this one. Bye bye jiggle. 

There you have it. Almost every one of these exercises doesn't use equipment and will define your arms. I'd love to see pics of you getting ready for summer! 

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