Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Grain-Free Menu

Alright, here are some of my favorites that I eat regularly. I am generally keeping grain-free but have not been 100%. It's still a journey and sometimes you just have to be ok with not being perfect (who is). Eating completely grain-free is still new to me and it's not always possible. Anyways, I'm still feeling good and am in a routine of eating this way all day and I really enjoy it. 

scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, sweet potato, red onion.

sweet potato, broccoli, onion, one scrambled egg, cheddar cheese

egg, cheese, pepper, onion, sausage

Planning ahead....
almonds, dark chocolate, grapes, turkey and cheese lettuce wraps

walnuts, dark chocolate, peanuts, banana

Lunch and dinner....
mixed greens, taco meat, cheese, red onion, guacamole

burger on lettuce, grilled peppers, homemade fries

salmon on the grill, steamed broccoli

shredded chicken taco in lettuce wrap (my favorite is adding sweet potato and guac)

chicken salad wrap, veggies

chicken salad on apple "rounds" with lettuce, fresh cherries, and carrots

plain greek yogurt, homemade strawberry jam, flaxseed

chocolate chip cookies made with almonds and GF all-purpose flour (I'll post a recipe)

A few other favorites not picutred...
Bananas- we love bananas
Protein shakes- been having after workouts
Peanut butter- yummy with bananas and apples
Gluten free pizza (for me)

That's just a handful of what I've been eating. I cook a lot of things in olive oil or coconut oil now. I have fully embraced healthy fats and using them often. I also am trying to keep towards vitamin-rich vegetables because those are so life-giving. Broccoli, kale, peas, carrots, cucumber, zucchini, etc. are fantastic for the body, and adding those in help curb cravings for sweet things plus add so much nutrition to your day.

 If you are curious about cooking or my family, you saw things I make and I don't do separate meals. My husband is by no means grain-free. When I make burgers, he has a bun, but I do not. It's not too tricky. I have made pasta a couple of times and used a gluten free pasta that tasted no different. But if I use a veggie in place of a noodle, I'll make noodles for him. I do make a lot of meals without any grains for all of us and everyone still enjoys them. 

There ya go. I hope that helps and you are welcome to give feedback of things you'd like to see more of or any recipes you're interested in. 


  1. These all look so yummy!
    Love the chicken salad on apples idea :)