Friday, January 10, 2014

Inspiration and Transformation

I'm so excited to share about another woman who has been consistent and traveled this journey focused on Christ. All the glory is His! 

Ashley Moore is a mom for the third time. She has two boys and one girl. She has kept consistent through each pregnancy. Take a look at her pregnancy pictures. 

Here's her transformation...9 months after giving birth..

Ashley says, 
"I would just say stick to it cause nothing happens over night and no one became overweight by eating one slice if pizza or one hamburger... Give your self a break once and a while."

She attributes her consistency with eating healthy and exercising to the example of her parents. They displayed a life of having fun and honoring God with eating well and exercising. It trickled down and instilled it in Ashley. 

I will say she was hesitant to be on my blog because she just wants God to have all the credit and doesn't want people to focus on her. But I just hope and pray that every person who reads this will be encouraged and inspired in your own journey. 

If you have questions or comments feel free to write on here or FB me or Ashley. Thanks! 

Now a fun transformation to share about. I haven't posted much about my personal life for a while. So here's something fun :) 

My husband and I built our house 5 years ago this spring (we were youngins) and have been slowly upgrading from our builders grade. We saw ideas on Pinterest (course) and it cost less than $30! 

Take a look at when we first moved into our house...

Such college furniture. Ha. Our living room has changed a lot over the last few years. 

Construction has begun (one day project)

We added the wanes coating (the under $30) and the fireplace was a Christmas present. 

New pillows and curtains for my birthday...I have a generous family!

What a huge difference!

Pictures don't do this justice (especially cause a light bulb burned out...first since we moved about efficient). There ya go! 

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