Monday, January 14, 2013

Ball Workout


Do you have a stability ball and never use it? Did you know that using the ball works on your balance? Working on your balance is great for your body because it works harder. People who work on their balance throughout their whole life are less likely to fall and injure themselves. Why? Because we lose balance as we age so we have to work on it. Plus, it burns more calories to work on balance while doing an exercise! Gotta love multi-tasking with's the best way to do it!

Well bring that sucker out and start using it! I love working out with one and you will too. It's not just for the abs, you can get a whole body workout with this thing! Yes it's possible, can I show you how? 

Start with your warm up. Do some jumping jacks, walk in place, walk up and down the stairs; just get your body moving! Do a few stretches after your warm and let's get started with your first exercise!

1. Lunge with your ball. 

Keep the ball out in front of you and bring it over your head if you'd like. Do 10 lunges each leg. Make sure you keep that knee over the ankle!

2. Push-ups on your ball.

You can start with the ball at your hips to make it easier. The farther you go towards your feet the more difficult. Do 15 reps.

3. Sumo squat with core rotation

Bring your legs far apart like this woman and keep the knees over the ankles. Squat and rotate the ball to one side keeping your abs tight. Come up and bring the ball back to the center. Squat again and bring the ball to the opposite side. Repeat. Do 10 reps (times) on each side.

4. Crunches
Keep the ball steady and your back on it. Bring your shoulders up and lift your chin to the ceiling. Keep the tummy TIGHT and don't let your stomach bulge. Make sure you do not feel any back pain either. This should all be on the abs. Do 20.

5. Bench Press

Pick up some weights. You could start with 8 or 10 pounds if you are not used to lifting weights but then increase from there. Do as pictured. This is a great exercise because you are working more than your chest. You are stabilizing the body and that will work the whole thing, plus you're strengthening the back and core with the ball at your head and shoulders. Do 10 reps (10th should be the most you can do if you want to build muscle).

6. Backlift

Do as pictured. Start with your upper body parallel with the ground and lift up, squeezing the back muscles. Lower down and repeat. Do 15-20 reps.

7. Pike

This one is challenging so don't get discouraged. But if you want to really rock your abs then do it and work your way up. If you need to start more at your waist or knees and go out as far as you can then that's great. Do 5-10 and increase as you improve.

8. Plank

It's not easy enough to do a plank on the ground! You need a ball under those legs. This is excellent work for the core. Suck in your tummy and breathe through this exercise. Hold the pose shown above for 30-60 seconds.

9. Side Crunch

Get on your side like pictured above with your hands behind your head. Crunch away from the ball and tighten your tummy. This is great work for your obliques. If too difficult then bend your leg on the bottom and put knee on the floor. Do 10 on each side.

10. Push-ups....again.

If you want to start on your knees then go for it. Putting your hands on the ball will really challenge your balance and strength for your upper body and core. Do 10 reps.

11. Ball Roll-Out

This is another excellent one for the abs. Do as pictured. Keep your abs tight. This will also work your upper body. Roll out and roll back to the starting position. Do 10-20 reps.

Cool down and stretch after. 

Gotta love the ball :)

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