Tuesday, October 9, 2012



For the last 4+ years I have poured lots of time and effort into becoming an Elite trainer and nutritionist. I have earned 3 certifications with one of the top certification schools and networked myself around the community, along with publishing a cookbook. Countless hours have been spent studying and prepping to help people achieve their goals. Blood, sweat, and tears have gone into my clients and trying to customize their workouts and nutrition profiles to maximize results. I have researched, dug deep, and even became a counselor for a lot of clients. This is one of my passions. My other passion is being a mom. All the years I played house and dreamt of being a mother and longed to stay home with my babies. I get to live that dream now!

For the last 2 years I have been mostly mommy and a little bit of a trainer. This last winter/spring I trained a lot more than I had since Abigail was born. It was fun and at times stressful. But now I will be a mommy to 2 little girls and it's time to put my career on hold (which is what I want and Kyle wants). This was the plan from the beginning. For me to do something that would pay well and be flexible for our lives. It has been both of those things. It's also been more fulfilling than I planned. I get such joy and satisfaction out of learning about how our body's respond to different types of exercise and nutrition choices. It's so much fun to see people lose weight, lower body fat, and get off medications! I just love helping people.

Today I trained for the last time....for I'm not sure how long. It is bittersweet to me. It's a relief with how soon Hannah will be here but it's also kind of sad because it's a chapter closing in my life. The next time I plan to train actively is not till our girls are older and it doesn't interfere with being a mom and stressing out our lives. But I do plan to homeschool for a time so I am really not sure when this will be. Of course I can never fully put my "work" down. You bet I will be studying and keeping up to date with exercise and nutrition. I just won't be actively training clients.

I have already been missing it. I spent so much time networking myself and Fit For Life. I have spoke quite a few times at MOPS groups, local colleges, businesses, on the radio; developed programs for companies, and held bootcamps. All this work and now I feel like it's an old part of my life. I thoroughly enjoy answering questions and being recognized as a professional who can HELP.

This day is again, bittersweet, and I think I am so EXCITED to just be a mom but don't want to be forgotten as a trainer and nutritionist. I want to keep helping people by answering questions and giving new information to those who need help. That's why it's bittersweet. All the time I've spent pouring myself into this career I don't want to be put on a shelf and it not be recognized or used by others. I know God has more plans for the path He lead me on 4+ years ago. I really am excited for this new chapter in my life.


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