Thursday, August 9, 2012

Under Construction


Alright. I have the vision for Hannah's room and I am pumped about it! I have already bought a couple things for the room and hope to start working on it soon. Abby is going to the Montessori school in less than a month so I want to work on it while she is at school. I don't like doing things that take away from our time or when I feel rushed and have to do it during nap time. 

Here are pictures of the room in it's current's hodge podged right now.


Oops blurry.

Needs new stuff.

 But I am not going to show ANYONE what the room looks like until I'm done with it. Yup, not even family! The door is going to stay shut and I want to make it a fun surprise. So stay tuned for a big reveal!

Oh, here's Abby and I shopping. She loves pulling clothes off the rack and saying, "Wow, pretty!" Such a girlie girl :)

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