Tuesday, August 21, 2012



It's amazing how God can answer prayers and then add some extra blessings on top of it! Here are some things God is doing...

1. Showing me how to lean into Him more
2. Answering prayers about our finances and growing Kyle's business like crazy
3. Helping me with budgeting/meal planning
4. Revealing and providing some great ways to teach Abigail about God's love and truth

Tonight a few things happened that I just got excited about and am SO THANKFUL for...all in about an hour time span. ha!

1. Someone we know is getting a new freezer and offered to give their current one to us...for free...and it works/no issues.

2. We are going to be able to buy part grass fed/grain fed beef for.....about $1.50 a pound!!!! It's from a family member of the same people giving us the freezer. You can't find a deal like this anywhere...and now we have a way to store extra food!

3. Our neighbors across the street offered and gave us a double stroller, also for free. wow.

4. I've been praying for ways to help earn a little extra money before Hannah comes but be able to have Abby with me. Well, the school my mom works at needs some help with kids for the next week and a half so I am going to go in the mornings and work a little but Abby gets to go and be in a class for free. So I will be earning extra money and won't have to worry about childcare...wow.

5. Abby did not come out of her room again tonight...yay!

6. A personal training client confirmed that he will be purchasing one more package with me before I have the baby...so more extra money. yay!

7. I'm also just feeling a sense of peace and closeness with the Lord tonight...His love is extravagent

It's just amazing to me how you can pray about specific things and God answers them. Plus, He can figure out ways to make it work before you have to figure it out. Thank You Lord.

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