Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Table Progress


What better way to save money than getting a table for free (from great friends) and turning into what I want for about $30.00 (paint $8, polyurethane $4, spray paint $15 ish)! I have wanted a black table that seats 6 people for a while now. Bam, it's almost a dream come true! Here's the progress on my project...

The table is coming along, but I've had a couple "issues" along the way. Let me share. I spilled 1/4 of the can of paint on the table when I didn't know my MIL had shaken and opened it. So I went to shake it and SPLAT, all over. So we panicked (I panicked) and we started rolling like crazy to cover the table. But once my MIL rolled over it again to make sure it was smooth, the paint started peeling off!! Minor set back. Here's the disaster....

But the next day I sanded it well and applied another coat (using a foam roller). Now it's looking better!!

I sanded again and added a 3rd coat. Beautiful now! The chairs are primed and ready to be painted but I need to get spray paint for them (since we are watching money carefully this probably won't be for another week).

I have applied one coat of Polyurethane to protect it and will be doing probably 2 more coats (I used a foam brush to apply and did long strokes to cover "strips" of the table). See the paint on floor in the bottom left of the picture? That's from my spill. Thank goodness it spilled on the table and not me and the carpet behind me! Stay tuned for more updates!

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