Wednesday, June 9, 2010

22 Weeks

June 9, 2010

I am at 22 weeks with this little Abigail. She is now just over one pound! It's amazing how fast time is flying. I read that in the next month she is going to grow faster and double in size...oh boy! I love it that there is a little being inside of me that Kyle and I made but I have decided that I don't necessarily "love" being pregnant overall. I feel constricted because I can't do a lot of activities I want to now (exercise), I get tired, and I have been getting leg cramps, foot pain, and charlie horses. I do so many things to prevent this stuff but it seems that you can't avoid everything. But on the other hand I am very motivated to get my body back in shape after the baby and nothing is going to deter that no matter what anyone says! Kyle has given me a challenge with a reward at the end of it for a physical goal within 6 months after Abigail is it's on! Ha, ha.

Here's a preview of Abigail's theme for her room!

But my garden is also growing rapidly too. I got several garden books last week and have read through one of them. It's exciting because I feel like this is my very own project that I am in charge of outside. Kyle takes care of all the landscaping and such at our house so sometimes I want something to do that doesn't involve hard my wonderful garden! I am learning so many things about how to tend to my garden and prevent disease/pesticides and keep it healthy. Being a wife and soon-to-be mother is so much fun and I can't wait till I'm home all the time with all my projects I want to do!

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