Monday, May 3, 2010

God's Plans

May 3, 2010

So I went away this last weekend for a retreat with my high school small group girls. It was a blast and we had such a great time bonding. God really worked in their hearts and in mine. I kept asking Him to show me something I need to work on and He did :) I think He revealed something new that I never really thought of before and it was good to see it. Now I just need to bathe it in prayer and ask for the Holy Spirit to change me and work through me more.

I had a bit of twist when coming home. The Lord seems to like to do crazy things to me! I notice that lots of times God will finally show me something and I feel like it's an "aha" moment and then He's like, "Ok, you're ready for the next thing I'm going to do." It's like He's waiting for me to get something and then once I get it He's moving me on to the next "level". Well, Kyle told me that there is a position open at a church 5 minutes down the road from us. Apparently our worship and lead Pastor's at River Valley have been talking and praying with this Pastor about needing a Worship Pastor and they have been thinking of Kyle. So on the fly we went to check it out and the people were really friendly. The Pastor's message was solid and the music, well obviously it needs help. We met with an Elder and then he took us to the Pastor and we chatted with him in his office for a few minutes. It was an encouraging conversation and basically they are looking for someone part time for the first year but the pay is pretty generous (I think). After the year is up they want to bring that person on full-time and it would basically be an Associate position with the music and the pay would also be enough to fully support a family.

The interesting part is that I had kind of moved on from this pastoring area because I felt like God had lead Kyle away. We are also very involved in River Valley and Kyle does music there for the youth. I am just now developing really close and intimate relationships with girls and women in the church. I love the teaching and everything about it. So I don't know what God wants to do in us or if He wants Kyle to switch gears from business to ministry. There is going to be LOTS of prayer about this and I just want His will to be my will. But I am instantly feeling a little unglued about the situation. I have been praying for a long time for a solid job and especially with the baby coming, who knows, maybe this is what God has been preparing us for. I guess we just need to have an open mind and know that our life's purpose is to serve the Lord and it's not for our own pleasure. I also know that if we're not in the will of God we won't be fulfilled or happy. Please pray for us and our journey with God and that He clearly shows us what He wants!

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  1. I never doubt for a minute that my kids will follow the Lord's leading. It's all an adventure! We are not citizens of this world, we are travelers. Travelers may not always know the destination, or the "side-trips" along the way. But that doesn't make it any less an adventure! Ride it! Enjoy it!
    Love my Kids!