Thursday, July 16, 2015

Uniquely Yoga

I met Johanna about 8 years ago when I started working for a chiropractor in the area. She is such a sweet, upbeat, encouraging, creative, and talented woman. I am so excited to share some of her story with you and will be buying a pair of her pants in the future! Now I'll continue with her story....

2 years ago, I (Johanna) was diagnosed with a brain tumor. But this isn't about that. This is about the path that I took to go on living life DESPITE that brain tumor. And it is a path that Iwant to help others find as well.
In May of 2013, I graduated from college with big goals of setting off on my own. Two weeks later, I woke up with shooting pain in my skull, and shortly after was diagnosed. By the time the tumor was discovered, it had caused partial paralysis in my left arm, neck and shoulder muscles. In addition to making it hard to swallow or speak, the tumor also caused visible muscle atrophy.
Having been active all my life, this was a hard reality to accept. For a few months, I ceased some of the active things that I love so much, like riding horse, dance, working out, yoga... thinking "what’s the point? I'm deteriorating anyways."
But then, thanks to the support of friends and family, I decided that to take back my life, and it began with working out. I figured that if the tumor was going to steal some muscle tone, then I was going to make up for it by getting bigger muscles in the surrounding areas until my arm would function properly again.
Setting fitness goals was a huge factor in pulling me out of a slump of depression and uncertainty following my diagnosis. And when i began working out again, people contacted me to tell me that they had been following me on Facebook, and that my determination was inspiring their goals as well.
As time went on with little to no change on the medical front, I began to learn daily doses of motivation can play a huge factor in meeting your fitness goals. And as silly as it may sound, feeling good about the attire you are wearing can help as well.
So now, I am starting a company called Uniquely Yoga. 
The goal of this company is to combine the desire for self-confidence with the need for motivation. I have found several brands of unique, creative, and motivating fitness apparel designers from across the globe. 
Inspire your own workout and purchase a pair for yourself at and our Facebook page, Uniquely Yoga. 

They are both stylish and absolutely practical. For anyone into fitness who wants to go to the gym feeling confident, then go to run errands without feeling grungy or heading home to change in-between, these killer leggings make the perfect solution.

I offer 2 different collections of athletic leggings at the moment (with more collections coming very soon)The Italian Fabrics collection has 4 different styles, all with high quality fabrics from Italy. 

• Hand drawn designs by a young artist in Serbia.  
• Olympic grade compression fabrics that move with you like a second skin.
• Extra long so you can pull them down over your heels for warmth, or just to create a better aesthetic leg line in photos
• High waisted – to hide those inevitable tummy rolls caused by bending yourself into yoga poses
• Perfect fit. No saggy crotch area or constant need to pull them up or adjust them on a run. 

My second collection has two different styles, made in Vancouver Canada.
• They are made from 88% recycled water bottles.
•  Dyed with ink from oyster and clam shells to keep the process totally green. (Color does not fade in the wash)
• Sweat wick away fabric keeps you feeling dry the whole time.  
• Still has incredible softness and comfort. 
• They also move with you very well. 
• high waisted for flattering stomach

When I got the first pair of Uniquely Yoga leggings for a sample, I loved them so much that I knew other people were going to want them too. And I was right.
They have striking designs that will stop people in their tracks (This happens to me all the time.) The first time I wore a pair of the Jade Queen leggings to my yoga class, the instructor jokingly refused to start class until I gave her all the information and told her where to find a pair for herself. She was my first customer. Once her pair arrived, she claims that she wore them for 3 days straight, and even though she has been doing yoga for years, has never found a pair their equal.  Her particular favorite feature of the Tribal Leggings was the wick fabric that kept the pants smelling totally fresh, even after 3 days of wear.  

My Yoga instructor and I doing an acro yoga demonstration at the recent 5th annual Karma Yoga Fest. Misty is wearing the Tribal Leggings and I am wearing the Pink Lace Leggings. Both from the Italian Fabrics Collection.

We recently went to a yoga festival to sell the pants during our first week of operations. People loved them so much that we sold multiple pairs before we had even finished setting up the table. They are great for all ages! Our customers at yoga fest ranged from ages 13 – 65!

3: Activities that I like to do in my Uniquely Yoga Leggings..
(Don’t be fooled by the company name. These leggings are absolutely perfect for ANY fitness activity, or just fashion)

ACRO!!! – These pants are perfect. I have had problems in the past with my base either slipping on my legs, or catching their feet in wrinkles in my pants. Not with these leggings! They fit like a second skin, and allow for quick movement with no catching. They also stretch so well that I don’t feel limited in motion. It’s amazing what a good pair of athletic pants will make you feel capable of. The high waist provides great protection from any skin burns caused by the base’s feet on my hips. No more red belly after an acro session. 

Paddleboard Yoga: I wore a pair of the sustainable collection to do some SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddleboard.) Not only did they resist any snagging, but at the end, we got to feeling brave and attempted to do some acro on the paddleboard, and wound up falling into the river. The pants came out still looking perfect. They got wet of course… but I didn’t feel wet. They kept from holding any extra water, and still looked just as good. 

  These Reflection leggings hold their own with no sagging or extra water retention, even after a solid dunking in the Paw Paw river.

Run/jog: These pants stay where you put them! Normally, when I run in any sort of spandex/leggings, they manage to work their way slowly downward with movement. I end up hiking them up repeatedly on the go. But that is NOT the case with Uniquely Yoga pants. The high waist and quality compression fabrics keep them snugly in place. I don’t know if I have ever had to reach down and tug up my waistband on a run since discovering these amazing leggings. 

Whether you yoga pants are your style or not, thank you for reading my story. Now go live YOUR life, and inspire the world!

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