Friday, March 7, 2014

What to Eat on the Road

2 days of traveling has me wanting to do some things...why not a blog post while I sit in the passenger seat for hours (especially when your hubby insists on driving the whole trip)?! So I thought I'd give some tips on what to pack on the road for a family of traveling. 

We have a medium cooler, large thermal bag/tote, and a medium sized thermal tote (great for a day out of lunches with kids). 

The cooler contains:
String cheese
Greek yogurt tubes
Almond milk
Bottles of water
Cranberry almond chicken salad

Large Thermal Tote:
Roasted peanuts
Mix of dark chocolate and almonds 
Multigrain sandwich thins 
Apple sauce squeeze pouches
Honey wheat pretzels
Cranberry almond organic bars /few ingredients sweetened with honey)
No-junk fruit snacks 
Raisin boxes

Convenience and accessibility is important! The large thermal bag is located in the back seat on the floor for easy grabbing. I put some cooler items in the medium tote to stay cool still (fruit, yogurt, cheese).  

We do have a couple things my husband likes as treats:
Honey mustard pretzels
Mountain Dew
And mini Reese's (which we all enjoy) 

Eating healthy on a road trip is great cause you won't feel sick after, and you won't load up on high calorie foods (who wants to gain weight before hitting the beach?!). Some good additions to your bags is raw vegetables. We have them more with meals so I knew we wouldn't snack on them but you might! We have stopped for lunch at Chick Fil A, but they have healthier choices. A wrap with avocado lime dressing and a fruit cup is delish. The girls eat chicken and fruit cups as well. Plus it is fast and has a play place. 

Here are some quick travel tips to stay healthy! 
- eat protein first to keep cravings and blood sugar level (such as the nuts, cheese, yogurt)
- having a plan will keep you on track (where to stop, bringing snacks)
- keep healthiest food close to you and junk harder to reach
- wash/rinse fruit or veggies ahead 
- put snacks in baggies for individual servings (cut down on over eating)
- indulge intentionally, not mindlessly 
- it's cheaper to shop beforehand than stopping at convenience stores
- keep juice/soda limited to one meal for kids (adults benefit too) so they aren't on a sugar high strapped in seats all day! Fast way to add up empty calories by drinking that the whole trip


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