Sunday, July 14, 2013

Garden Makeover

This year we decided to make the garden official to our house. My husband has done so much work on it...he is amazing. 

That's how it transformed. Beautiful. Then weeds took over...

We couldn't stand it. I saw a cool pallet idea on Pinterest but then his old boss (Kyle landscaped every year of our marriage until this year) gave us a bunch of blocks/bricks! So my awesome man took off his nice dress clothes and went to work on transforming this lovely area. It's amazing how easy and fast he makes it look. He definitely has many talents :) 

He scraped the weeds, planned out the design, leveled the dirt, put weed barrier down, and put the bricks down. 

While we were at it, we decided to extend things out. 

We just need some more weed barrier and mulch for in between those light colored stones. 

The bricks are awesome to walk on and hopefully the majority of weeds will be gone! 

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