Wednesday, November 16, 2011

13 Months


Someone turned 13 months yesterday. Wow! What's new? Abigail has a new tooth! It's making it's way out of the gums each day but broke through a week or 2 ago. That makes #3! She is more independent and wants to explore a lot. Mingling is fun now. She loves the youth group kids at church and has a lot of fun running around with them. It's cute cause there's always one or more to follow her around and want to hold her....kind of nice sometimes :)

This was Abby and Jack playing outside last weekend. They had a blast running around.

Jack....what a little stinker! He's so cute!

Look at that sweet face :)

There he is with his mommy. He is so big!


I ran her out in it and she had fun. She was running around sticking her tongue out!

New Favorite thing.....

....Playing in baskets!

She pulls them out and sits in them every day now. I think it's cute. Today she has been occupied with the laundry baskets and pillows off the couch. What fun. Her 2nd Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming up. This time she will actually do stuff! lol. Time flies when you're having fun!

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