Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's for Dinner tonight (and dessert)?


Have you ever baked/cooked a lot in a day and wanted to share the excitement with others?? You wish you would have made it a dinner party...that's how I feel! I have a lot of food leftover. Hehe. Ok, to the point...what I made!

Grilled Chicken
Pesto Poppers-thank you, Steph Ebright
Pasta hubby likes it a lot :)

Here are the pesto poppers. I made biscuit dough then put pesto and mozzarella cheese inside and closed it up. Here's a picture is the biscuit dough, then cheese, then cheese and pesto, then closed up. Bake about 20 minutes and yummy! Not exactly low fat but you gotta have fun sometimes!

I also made Thanks again, Steph Ebright! These are Martha Stewart's recipe, Billys Cupcakes. I made a strawberry filling for inside them instead of cherry. I may have used too much corn starch but oh well. They still taste great! Here's a picture...then I frosted them (which no picture of right now). I love cupcakes. They are my downfall. :)

So we have a lot of leftover food and cupcakes that have not been eaten yet. So people are welcome to come over and eat! lol. I always love sharing my food with the Johnson family for some reason....they always love my food. And I like that :) It's a little different with my family cause my mom is the "ultimate cook." So it's nice to have other people rave over it ;)

So there it is...hope you enjoyed!

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