Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh Life...


My princess :)

So it's been a while......a long while. This is not on purpose. Life has been sooo busy. Can I tell you a little bit about it?

Well, my daughter always keeps me busy, but Fit For Life is close behind because of our bootcamp. It is time-consuming to prepare the workouts and then go to do them 2 times a week (but it's so fun!). Also, we have been putting things together for evening classes which start next month. Plus, I exercise on my own almost each day. I have been neglecting my Exercise Therapy Certification, which is a whole other realm....geesh.

With all this, my daughter has been out of my sight a little more and sometimes it's nice but it is hard...for both of us. I can tell it's affecting her cause she seems more clingy. Granted, we're talking a mere few hours a week...and most of that time she is in the same building as me. You can tell we spend 24/7 together. I just love her though.

Ok, personal life now. We're selling our truck and buying bikes to ride more places. Praying the guy who's interested pulls through. Also, read a couple hundred page book the other day....I was really into it! I've started teaching Abigail new stuff so that's a whole program in itself.

On top of all these things there's still all the spring parties I've been invited to, girl's nights, small group, church, spending personal time with the Lord and my hubby, cleaning house, laundry, and taking care of my wonderful husband, I'm one busy lady!

I can see why women get overwhelmed and I don't see how moms work full-time jobs! I'm so thankful that I have the Lord who can help me manage my day and that I can give it to Him. I need His help to balance these things and learn to say no when needed.

oh yeah.
We aren't getting good sleep because we need a new bed really bad. It's old and our bodies hurt when we wake up...this is not fun with how busy things are. The Lord provides though!!

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  1. I hear you on the busy life...but it won't be like this forever and that is really something to look forward to! Sometimes I wish I didn't work and was able to stay home and get caught up on everything... such is least there is no school in the summer :)
    We just got a new bed in December... I had ours for like 2 years, but I was in so much pain every morning. We actually invested in a Sleep Number bed. It costs a bit, but we did 12 months same as cash and will have it paid off before then. So thankful for it though...I am pain free in the morning!